20 Jun

It will surprise you that over fifty percent of adults will suffer from lower backaches in their lifetime also if you experience more moderate back discomfort once there are chances of it reoccurring in the future. However, lower back injury is not permanent and can easily be treated without surgery. Most more moderate back distress is caused by muscle tension when too stands for long, bending or walking carelessly, difficult physical labor, and lifting heavyweights. However, some back pain is not related to muscle distress, and they include;

1 Coccydynia

Coccydynia affects the center of your spine where your tailbone is located and causes pain either by injuring the coccyx or the tissues around it. You will start feeling a mild discomfort, which escalates with time.

The condition will be worse if you sit or stand in one position for a long time, which will affect your daily work schedule. However, you can manage the suffering by taking painkillers for a few weeks, after which the pain will go away. It would help if you visited a doctor when your legs are weak, numb, or any other discomfort. Slipped

2. Drooped Disc

A drooped disc occurs when the disc tears, releasing the gel inside and causes lower back discomfort when the pain spreads to different parts of the body. The damaged disc affects nerves starting with the protruding area and then spreads to the spinal cord.

Some of the causes of the drifted disc is lifting heavy loads, bending badly, an accident affecting your back either by falling or a car accident, or sports like weightlifting. It is advisable to visit a doctor if you can't control bowel movement, pain when passing urine, unsteady legs, or numbness around the anal and genital region. 

3. Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the most popular type of arthritis, which affects your joints resulting in injury and immobility. It usually starts in the joints but slowly spreads to additional parts of the body. The pain gets worse when the joint is acting, and it might be consistent.

Your body can repair the damage without any treatment. Still, it requires proper care, including wearing the right size shoes, undertaking exercises, and using appliances to manage the pain on your joints.

You can also take pain killers and follow the doctor's recommendations, and if the situation gets worse, the consultant will recommend surgery.

4. Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis emerges when the immune system that protects your body attacks the cells in your joints. As a result, your joints will swell, which will cause pain and paralysis. The condition starts with little strain on the joints, but if not treated, it can damage it ultimately.  This points will help you study more about lower back pain.

It could be wise to consult a doctor if your joint suddenly swells, causing stiffness. He/she will recommend treatment that will prevent the condition from worsening and lower the chances of other complications. Also, he/she will advise you on eating a balanced diet and taking simple exercises to help you recover.

When you suffer from lower back pain or could be wise if you visited the doctor for advice, if you experience some of the symptoms above, your doctor will help you identify the cause of your pain and recommend the best Lower Back Pain Edwardsville IL treatment.

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